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Postcard from USA

This United States has hundreds of lights as well as light towers, range lights, and pier head lights. Michigan has the most lights of any state with over 130. See also: Lightvessels in the United States, lightvessel, List of lighthouses and lightvessels

Most of the lights in the United States have been built and maintained by the Coast Guard since 1939, its predecessor the United States Lighthouse Service from 1910-1939 and its predecessor the United States Lighthouse Board from 1852-1910. Before the Lighthouse Board was established, local collectors of customs were responsible for lighthouses under Stephen Pleasonton. As their importance to navigation has declined and as public interest in them has increased, the Coast Guard has been handing over ownership and in some cases responsibility for running them to other parties, the chief of them being the National Park Service under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.

USCG's complete list of Virginia lights.

* Assateague Light, Assateague Island
* Back River Light, Chesapeake Bay near Hampton
* Bells Rock Light, York River
* Bowlers Rock Light, Rappahannock River
* Cape Charles Light, Cape Charles
* Cape Henry Light (old), Cape Henry, Virginia Beach
* Cape Henry Light (new), Cape Henry, Virginia Beach
* Cherrystone Bar Light, Cape Charles
* Chesapeake Light, entrance to Chesapeake Bay
* Craney Island Light, mouth of Elizabeth River
* Deepwater Shoals Light, James River
* Dutch Gap Canal Light
* Great Wicomico River Light, Chesapeake Bay
* Hog Island Light
* Jones Point Light, Alexandria
* Jordan Point Light, James River
* Killock Shoal Light
* Lambert Point Light, Norfolk
* Nansemond River Light, Nansemond and James rivers
* New Point Comfort Light, Chesapeake Bay
* Newport News Middle Ground Light, Newport News
* Old Plantation Flats Light, Cape Charles
* Old Point Comfort Light, Hampton
* Pages Rock Light, York River
* Point of Shoals Light, James River
* Pungoteague Creek Light, Chesapeake Bay
* Ragged Point Light, Potomac River
* Smith Point Light, mouth of Potomac River
* Stingray Point Light, mouth of Rappahannock River
* Tangier Sound Light, Chesapeake Bay
* Thimble Shoal Light, Chesapeake Bay, north of Hampton Roads
* Tue Marshes Light, mouth of York River
* Watts Island Light, Chesapeake Bay
* White Shoal Light, James River
* Windmill Point Light, mouth of Rappahannock River
* Wolf Trap Light, Chesapeake Bay
* York Spit Light, mouth of York River

Lighthouses in the United States

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