вторник, 23 февраля 2010 г.

Mail-Art Project "Ticket To Jerusalem"

Mail-Art Project "Ticket To Jerusalem"

Create artwork called "Ticket To Jerusalem". Use a horizontal piece of thick paper, 8x3" (20x8 cm), the size of conventional airplane ticket (a boarding pass, to be exact). Any media: collage, drawing, rubber stamps etc. Attach a stamp, write return address and mail WITHOUT envelope to: Radik Shvarts, PO Box 245614, Brooklyn, NY, 11224, USA.

Project deadline is extended until May 1st, 2010. All entries are posted online. Most of them will also be exhibited internationally and featured in a book "Ticket To Jerusalem" that will be published in 2010. Every person, whose artwork is featured in the book will get a free copy.


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