понедельник, 12 января 2009 г.


It is Russian stamps production shedule on 2009.
1. "Regions of Russia". Chelyabinsk region. January
2. "Regions of Russia". Saratov region. January
3. "Regions of Russia". Voroneg region. January
4. 50th anniversary of revolution on Cuba. Joint edition Russian Federation -- Republic of Cuba. January
5. 300th anniversary of Central naval museum. January
6. 175th anniversary of V.G. Perov (1834—1882), painter. January
7. 175th anniversary of D.I.Mendeleev, scientist and chemsit. February
8. 100th anniversary of G. Y. Bakhchivandzhi (1909—1943), test-pilot. February
9. 75th anniversary of Y.A. Gagarin (1934—1968), first astronaut. March
10. 150th anniversary of A.S. Popov (1859—1906), physicist, inventor of radio. March
11. 200th anniversary of N.V. Gogol (1809—1852). April
12. 175 years of Russian hydrometeorological service. April
13. The town of honour Rgev. April
14. The town of honour Kursk. April
15. The town of honour Vladikavkaz. April
16. 65th anniversary of Great Patriotic War Victory. A weapons of victory. April, 30th.
17. The town of honour Belgorod. April
18. The town of honour Orel. April
19. The «Europe» series. «Astronomy». May
20. Fountains. May
21. The history of Russa. 325th anniversary of Ekaterina 1st Alekseevna. May, 21 th
22. 400th anniversary of joining of Kalmyks to Russia on a voluntary basis. June, 2nd.
23. 300th anniversary of Poltava battle. June
24. «Regions of Russa». Ingush Republic. July
25. "Regions of Russia". Tomsk region. July
26. «Regions of Russa». Chechen Republic. July
27. 100th anniversary of A.A. Gromiko (1909-1989), who was statesman, diplomat. July
28. Universal cultural haritage of Russia. Historic and cultural complex of Solovki islands. July, 24th.
29. Architectural structures. Bridges. Continue. August
30. 1150th anniversary of Novgorod-the-Great (Novgorod Velikiy). September, 4th.
31. The history of Russian Cossacks. Continue. September
32. 100th anniversary of M. L. Mil (1909—1970), an aircraft designer. September, 21st.
33. The culture of nations of Russia. National clothes (head-dresses). September, 23rd.
34. The disciplines of Winter Olympic Games. October
35. 125th anniversary of Z.I. Serebryakova (1884-1967), who was painter. October
36. 50 years of Russian nuclear fleet. October
37. The history of Russia. Elizaveta Petrovna’s 300th anniversary (1709-1762). November
38. 200th anniversary of V.I. Istomin (1811—1855), who was Russian admiral. November
39.200 years of V. S. Schepkin Higher School of Theatre. November, 25th.
40. Happy New Year! December

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